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We love what we do and more importantly are eager to help bring about equitable and empowering change to organizations, our communities and our society. Please start your journey with us by using the following form:

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Our Services

A Multi-Service Consulting Firm

Hackman Consulting Group is a multi service consulting firm deeply committed to helping our clients meet their equity and social justice goals. Whether you are looking for long term organizational change, more targeted consulting and advising, individual coaching and support, or even a speaker for an event or conference we are confident that our array of services can meet your needs.

Organizational Change for ESJ 

We help organizations develop the infrastructure to create and sustain positive change.

Consulting & Advising

Providing organizations with the insight and support necessary for meaningful equity work.

Work With Us

Flexible Solutions

HCG’s fundamental commitment is to be a source of positive change with respect to equity and social justice issues. This central purpose stems from our personal beliefs, our hope for our society, and our commitment to our clients’ success and is expressed in everything we do.

Change for ESJ

Our Equity and Social Justice change work employs a Seven Phase process for deep transformation.

Coaching & Support

Our coaching is rooted in a praxis model of learn, integrate, and implement and is designed to help clients more successfully engage in ESJ work.

Speaking & Keynotes

Our services include a variety of keynote and speaking topics, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Consulting & Advising

HCG’s Readiness content, Leadership Training series, support for internal ESJ teams, and various assessment tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here to Answer your Questions

What type of services do you offer?

HCG is a multi-service firm that helps our clients meet their ESJ goals. Our services fall into four main areas: long-term organizational training and change work, consulting and advising, coaching and support, and event keynotes and speaking. We are happy to provide more detail about the services we offer, please contact us to schedule a call.

What makes HCG’s services unique?

HCG’s approach to this work is unique because we use a relational approach to focus on focus on long term equity and social justice rather than transactional quick fix diversity programs. To learn more about our process, please visit Our Approach page.

How long does the implementation process take?

We focus our clients’ implementation efforts on three primary areas: culture and climate, internal policies and procedures, and external-facing work. The duration of this work depends on a range of organizational factors such as size and structure, the industry, internal and external supports, and the number of people involved in the effort. Our goal is to help clients develop the internal momentum to carry out this work well beyond our time working with them and thus the actual duration of implementation is client dependent.

How can I get started?

To get started please go to our Contact Us link to schedule a time to meet with us. So we can better prepare for our conversation, please respond to the three questions on the contact page.

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Equity and Social Justice Consulting for a Changing World 

Hackman Consulting Group is here for the various needs of organizations that are interested in embarking on organizational change work rooted in equity and social justice.