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We love what we do and more importantly are eager to help bring about equitable and empowering change to organizations, our communities and our society. Please start your journey with us by using the following form:

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HCG Service

Coaching & Support

HCG’s Equity and Social Justice (ESJ) Coaching Model is uniquely designed to educate, motivate, and support individual leaders or organizational change makers. Our coaching is rooted in a praxis model of learn, integrate, and implement and is designed to help clients more successfully engage in ESJ work. Whether for an organizational leader, equity director, equity team member or organizational staff, our coaching and support services can meet the needs.

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Summary and Values

This is some of the most challenging work an organizational leader can undertake. It requires an amalgam of courage, love, connection, focus and imagination, and on occasion leaders (formal and informal) can get stuck. Our coaching and support services are designed to help leaders reconnect with the possibility within ESJ work and its value to the organization. Our coaching work takes a slightly non-traditional approach in that it is a combination of the standard model of listening and engaged inquiry with an educational component and an action / accountability component. When it comes to ESJ work, the nurturing of a leader’s growth and the creation of a coaching space where folks can express themselves has to be balanced with the urgency of now and the need for “good trouble”. How we vacillate between these three components is different for each client, but there is never a session where we do not express all three in some fashion. HCG offers coaching and support in the service of the individual but also of the greater good and it is this tension and focus that makes our coaching services different than most. We believe in our clients, we believe in the power of knowledge and action, and most importantly we believe that change is always possible.

Individual Coaching

We offer coaching services as one-off conversations or packages of six, twelve or eighteen sessions. The packages are designed with a specific and clear learning arc in mind, but they also are a hedge against dominant group members’ tendency to quit when things get hard. To learn more about our individual coaching processes, please reach out; we look forward to connecting.

Series Offerings

On occasion there is a topic that warrants the creation of a “coaching series” where we open the sessions up to a group of leaders who are all asking the same question or need help with the same concern. Whether it be the impact of societal incidences, or trends across an industry, these series can be a helpful way to both educate on ESJ content and skills while also supporting cohort development and cross-organizational support structures.

Team Support Meetings

This sounds like a catch-all title because it is. The range of support structures we can offer clients is sizable and adapted to client needs. If there is a need for organizational support of any kind, please reach out and let’s discuss how HCG can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let Us Help You Get Started

Why would I need coaching?

There are a range of reasons folks reach out to HCG for coaching, but the common pattern is the desire to have more personal knowledge and skill before attempting to lead others in this work. More specifically, some ESJ leaders reach out for coaching to address a specific sticking point with personnel or organizational dynamics. Overall, however, the shared reason is personal growth and a desire to push.

How can I get my colleagues to accept group coaching?

Once a shared challenge is identified, bringing in a group coach can make room for conversations that were not possible before. Focusing on the growthful benefits rather than making it sound punitive is a critical early step in establishing more broad-based coaching.

What is the difference between coaching and training?

Coaching is an individualized form of education, personal inquiry, and action planning that is completely tailored to the individual’s needs, whereas training is more structured, has specific outcomes and is designed in a more general way.

Work With Us

Flexible Solutions

HCG’s fundamental commitment is to be a source of positive change with respect to equity and social justice issues. This central purpose stems from our personal beliefs, our hope for our society, and our commitment to our clients’ success and is expressed in everything we do.

Change for ESJ

Our Equity and Social Justice change work employs a Seven Phase process for deep transformation.

Coaching & Support

Our coaching is rooted in a praxis model of learn, integrate, and implement and is designed to help clients more successfully engage in ESJ work.

Speaking & Keynotes

Our services include a variety of keynote and speaking topics, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Consulting & Advising

HCG’s Readiness content, Leadership Training series, support for internal ESJ teams, and various assessment tools.

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Equity and Social Justice Consulting for a Changing World 

Hackman Consulting Group is here for the various needs of organizations that are interested in embarking on organizational change work rooted in equity and social justice.