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We love what we do and more importantly are eager to help bring about equitable and empowering change to organizations, our communities and our society. Please start your journey with us by using the following form:

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Consulting & Organizational Change

Equity & Social Justice Consulting for a Changing World

What We Do

Creating a Better Tomorrow

Hackman Consulting Group is a multi-service consulting firm deeply dedicated to helping our clients reach their equity and social justice goals. Whether you’re looking for long-term organizational change, targeted advising, coaching and support, or a speaker for an organizational event, we can meet your needs.

Change is Always Possible

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged given the scale and complexity of equity and social justice issues. In our experience, a solid understanding of ESJ issues and a clear action plan can overcome challenges, fostering meaningful change.

Relationships First

Social change is built on the quality of the relationships among those doing the work. We prioritize getting to know our clients, building trust and connection, and establishing transparent and thoughtful lines of communication to ensure organizational equity plans can thrive.

All Boats Rise

An investment in equity is necessary for a healthy and thriving society. This is true for our clients and their industries– as the barriers of inequity fall away, they can create organizational spaces where every staff member can give their best for the shared success of everyone.

Have a Plan

Unlike diversity work, ESJ work is a heavy lift and requires thoughtful planning and a sustained effort. We work with our clients to develop a clear, logical, and effective plan that utilizes resources well and achieves the stated equity goals.

Explore Our Services

Change for ESJ

Our Equity and SocialJustice organizational change work utilizes our Seven Phase process and is designed for deep, long-term transformation. Working closely with your organization, this is a tailored process that includes readiness work, assessment, extensive training, and the implementation of an ESJ lens in your organizations culture and climate, internal policies and procedures and external facing work.

Coaching & Support

HCG’s Equity and Social Justice (ESJ) Coaching Model is uniquely designed to educate, motivate, and support individual leaders or organizational change makers. Our coaching is rooted in a praxis model of learn, integrate, and implement and is designed to help clients more successfully engage in ESJ work. Whether you are an organizational leader, equity director, equity team member or organizational staff, our coaching and support services can meet your needs.

Speaking & Keynotes

We offer a range of keynote and speaking topics, tailored to meet your specific needs. For examples of our keynote offerings, we invite you to explore the resource section on our website.

Consulting & Advising

If your organization is not ready for long-term ESJ work, or if you’re well into it and have specific questions, our targeted consulting and advising is a great option. HCG’s Readiness content, Leadership Training series, support for internal ESJ teams, and various assessment tools can give you just the momentum or insight you’re looking for.

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Equity and Social Justice Consulting for a Changing World 

Hackman Consulting Group is here for the various needs of organizations that are interested in embarking on organizational change work rooted in equity and social justice.